T4C Christmas list of smarter travel ideas

Thomas Edison, the man who gave us the electric lightbulb, once said, “The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” But for many, safer, sustainable travel stays just that… an idea. We know its value, we’re just reluctant, and sometimes afraid, to use it, sticking to the safety of what we know, often a car.



Yet, with the likelihood of parking in and around Cambridge becoming more expensive and harder to find – especially with the flurry of Christmas shoppers about to engulf the city – there’s no time like the present to make a change.

At Travel 4 Cambridgeshire, our big idea is to reduce congestion and carbon emissions on the county’s roads by encouraging people to use smarter modes of transport – a tall order, we know. But to use another quote from Linus Pauling, the great chemist, “The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas,” which is exactly what we’ve got. So, in true Christmas fashion, we’ve written a list of greener transport options you can try (sorry, no reindeers…)

  • Car share – spread the cost of petrol, meaning you’ll have more cash to splash on extra presents and bottles of mulled wine. We even have our very own online car sharing service called CamShare that’s free to join (we’ve had a 100% increase on sign-ups in the last couple of months alone) and can help locate people to team up with, who are either local to where you live or work, or simply en-route.
  • Hop on the bus – give yourself more time to think and relax while letting the bus take the strain.
  • Try working from home – completely avoid those dreadful journeys.
  • Dust off your bike – switch on the lights, get back on the saddle and feel much better for it!

If reading this list has inspired you, or made you think of a way to beat the parking wardens (who you may, or may not, have had one too many run-ins with recently), just check out the following websites:

To help you get started, Travel for Cambridgeshire is offering to produce some bespoke Smart Travel Maps (walking & cycling zones) for the first five commuters who tweet us directly @Travel_4_Cambs using #MerryMaps.

So there you have it… what with a Santa-style list of ideas for commuting, and some winter giveaways to help make the idea of sustainable travel a reality, it seems that Christmas really has come early for Cambridgeshire’s commuters.

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