Annual Travel to Work Survey 2018

A free annual Travel to Work survey takes place in October each year, and surveys staff commuting behaviour over a one week period.

This allows organisations to monitor their staff travel patterns and make year on year comparisons of commuting habits whilst assessing the effectiveness of travel initiatives run.
Survey results help in identifying specific areas for focus, whilst also playing a key part as an evidence base for a Travel Plan.

Following the survey, we produce a report that indicates not just the percentage split between each mode of transport, but many additional details that can inform decision regarding travel.

Separate to the annual travel survey, we also offer bespoke one off surveys to employers and these can be conducted at any time of the year. Please contact us for more information.

Survey 2018

The Annual Travel Survey for 2018 will be live from Monday 15th October until Friday 26th October 2018. If your business wishes to take part in this years free survey, please contact us.

Our Annual Survey produces a comprehensive report which will analyse trends, provide actionable insights, validate assumptions and drive accurate conclusions.