Treasury backs electric cars with free charging at work

The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced today that electric car owners will be able to top up for free at work if employers provide charging points.

Hammond said there would be no benefit-in-kind charge for workplaces that supply electricity for vehicles from April.

Electric and driverless cars have been given a major boost in todays budget:

  • £400 million is being invested in electric car charging infrastructure
  • £100 million is being invested in plug-in car grants
  • £40 million is being invested in electric car charging research and development
  • People charging their electric cars at work will not face a benefit-in-kind charge from next year
  • £500 million is being invested into the wider tech industry to help fast track regulation for new technology
  • This has freed up £40 million for research and development into electric and autonomous cars.
  • The government wants ‘to see fully self-driving cars, without a human operator, on UK roads by 2021’



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