Free bike marking clinic for staff at Babraham Campus

Travel for Cambridgeshire, visited Babraham Research Campus today and offered staff advice on cycle security, and provided registration and security marking onto the Immobilse online police database.

Although Babraham Research Campus doesn’t have a problem with bike crime on site, the event was a great opportunity for staff to learn about preventative measures, to make bikes less of a target for thieves when travelling around the city. The security tags handed out to staff not only act as visual deterrent to bike thieves, but can also help police identify the owners of recovered stolen bikes.

Travel for Cambridgeshire discussed the importance of investing in a high quality bike lock and reminded staff that two locks are better than one. Staff were also advised to keep a record of their bike, record the frame number, make and any other marks that can identify their bike if it is stolen and keep this information in a safe place – offering a simple tip to add their bike as a mobile phone contact (with pictures) to help with identification and insurance if it gets stolen.

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about hosting a similar event in your workplace.

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