2018 Annual Travel to Work Survey

2018 is the 20th year that Travel for Cambridgeshire (TfC) have been supporting businesses to measure and record how their employees get to and from work. During a one-week period (6th – 12th Oct 2018), the annual Travel to Work Survey asks how commuters travel, providing a ‘snapshot’ of employee travel behaviours. The survey uses a very quick and easy web-based form that takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

The travel survey is free for all employers in Cambridgeshire and is designed to help better target resources to achieve organisational objectives. The data is also used to demine how to invest in future transport infrastructure.

Taking part in the survey can help businesses to:

  • Keep an accurate record of how staff are travelling to work – useful for travel plans and reporting.
  • Manage staff car parking and identify the need for improved facilities in the workplace.
  • Assist in choosing actions that are appropriate for influencing travel behaviours.
  • Provide data that measures change in behaviour after actions have been implemented.
  • Benchmark – analyse how your organisation compares with other local employers.

To take part in this years survey, please CONTACT US.

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