Join Camshare and request or share a car journey for a chance to win £250 this Liftshare Week

As part of National Liftshare Week (2nd-8th October 2017), here at Travel for Cambridgeshire we want to encourage all of you who are already sharing, as well as giving those of you that haven’t tried it yet, the opportunity to give Camshare a go!

Between the dates of 25th September – 15th October anyone who visits Camshare and gets in touch with another member via a message or a share request, will be entered into a prize draw to win £250. It’s that simple. And to say ‘thanks for sharing’, those of you already in a Liftshare team will be automatically entered too.

You can join Camshare for free by following the instructions to register and adding your journey details. Then search for a match, get in touch and get sharing!

We’ve even created some fun posters to promote the campaign in your workplace.

Liftshare Week Poster 1 – Win £250

Liftshare Week Poster 2 – Win £250

You don’t have to Liftshare every day, even sharing once a week with someone makes a big difference.

*Terms and conditions can be found here.



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