Leicestershire parents to be fined £70 if they park near the local primary school

Parents from Millfield Lead Academy, Leicestershire will be fined £70 if they park near the school after residents complained that mothers and fathers dropping off their little ones were blocking local roads. The school run has caused a catalogue of complaints locally with parents parking outside the school gates and on surrounding residential roads, including vehicles parked at junctions, blocking driveways and an ambulance on call.

An experimental school clear zone is to be set up to encourage parents and children to cycle or walk. The trial will take place from Monday, April 9, and last six months.

The school clear zone involves ‘no waiting’ restrictions being put in place between 8am to 9am and 2pm to 4pm on streets around the school.

Many schools in the county have clear zones immediately outside their entrances, but these are advisory, and do not extend into neighbouring streets.

Under the trial, drivers breaking the restrictions will be fined £70.

During the trial, ‘park and stride’ facilities will be available for parents to park a short distance away from the school and walk in with their child.

Cycle training and walking initiatives will also be promoted during the clear zone trial for children to get involved in.

Parents and residents will be given a chance to provide feedback once the school clear zone consultation period starts.

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