Dr Bike

Cycle Training & Bike Maintenance

Employees of member organisations receive 10% on cycle training and maintenance with Outspoken and Ridingabike.

Cycle training

Getting people on their bikes to commute to work can be difficult, even in cycle friendly and flat Cambridgeshire! However, whether staff have never cycled before or need confidence to cycle with traffic, cycle training will help them become fitter, happier and wealthier and feel safe and confident on their commute.

Bicycle maintenance

Alongside safety, being stranded by the side of the road unable to fix a puncture or perform basic bicycle maintenance is a significant barrier to people cycling. You could also have a bike in the garage that hasn’t seen the light of day for years! Cycle maintenance training can significantly increase confidence in performing basic bicycle maintenance and perhaps even save you a few pounds by avoiding the need to use a specialist bike shop.

In addition, Dr Bike sessions provide on-site bicycle repair for businesses; fixing your punctures, adjusting your brakes and many more basic needs!

Outspoken Training offer adult cycle training, bicycle maintenance training and “Dr Bike” maintenance services throughout Cambridgeshire.

Outspoken Cycles offers fun events and activities to help promote cycling amongst your workforce.

For more information on these services please visit their websites or get in touch with them directly for a brochure.

Services can be provided in St Neots, St Ives, Huntingdon and Cambridge.