Northstowe residents learn basic cycle maintenance skills

Northstowe is a sustainable new town currently under construction (10,000 new homes), based on the site of the former RAF Oakington and surrounding farmland. In 2017, Travel for Cambridgeshire were appointed Travel Plan Coordinators for Phase 1 of the Northstowe development.  

The developers of Northstowe are keen to emphasis walking and cycling and promoting a healthy community for residents to live. They recruited the services of Travel for Cambridgeshire to support residents in making more informed travel choices and encouraging behaviour change. These initiatives form part of a Travel Plan that has been developed to reduce single occupancy car use and lower the impact of traffic and congestion on the site and surrounding areas.

The development now has over 100 homes that have been occupied and this is one of the first of many initiatives that are being delivered to encourage walking, cycling and public transport use.



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