Northstowe Residential Travel Survey 2019

Travel for Cambridgeshire are acting as Travel Plan Coordinator for Northstowe. Northstowe is a new town made up of 10,000 homes and an anticipated population of around 24,400 people. The development is located on the site of the former RAF Oakington base and surrounding farmland between Cambridge and Huntingdon.

Part of its commitment to be a sustainable development and to meet planning obligations and conditions, an annual travel survey will take place to monitor the travel behaviours of residents. Travel for Cambridgeshire will be on site over the next couple of weeks, talking to occupiers and collecting data to understand the barriers residents face, when travel to and from the development. Travel for Cambridgeshire will collect and analysis the travel data, and submit a report to the relevant authorities. We will also review feedback and look to further develop initiatives to support residents to choose sustainable travel choices.

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